Sunday, October 12, 2008

OpenMoko Talk by Ole Tange

Last friday, I have a chance to go to a talk, on OpenMoko on Ole Tange. He is a Software developer, and is involve in opensource in europe. And OpenMoko is a phone which is completely free in free speech.

Basically, I like the talk because, it covers enough details on the phone, which i am going to explore. And it is itself interesting, because of audience participation.

Later in events we are shown the internal of the phone, he actually open up the phone. And we get to play around with it. And it is quite nice. While not quite like Android or iPhone. But it is still nice enough.

It just a pity, that I can't get the real phone with me, but it is really nice that it does. It would be fun, and it happens that I need a new phone too.

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