Friday, January 30, 2009

My Adventure with Photorec

The whole story started when my cousin ask me to restore data on her broken hard disk, I don't think it is broken btw, more like corrupted partition. Either way, I still need to recover her data.

That's where photorec comes in. Photorec is a tools to recover data from harddisk, it is a program comes with testdisk. Don't be fooled by the name, it can recover documents, video, mp3 etc, not just photos.

First you need to find the partition, you can just type in terminal
fdisk -l
Then in terminal
photorec /dev/
replace device name with sdb, hdb etc.

Then just follow instructions.

And there you have it, it will create a folder on where you create it, with all the data. It is quite easy to use.

To install on ubuntu
system -> adminstration -> synaptic package manager
 Find testdisk

On fedora
system -> administration -> add/remove software
search testdisk.

BTW there is a windows version. But i test this on ubuntu.

P.S This actually is a bit anticlimatic, I actually expect to create a disk image, and use sleuthkit. photorec is much more easier. That atchek, hehe.


  1. i'm also new with this software..
    just fantastic how the software can recover back all the missing files..
    but some problems is it can't determine either powerpoint and word files..
    it just ready as word file..
    so, need manually format changes..
    you can checkout the post at my blog..

  2. yes! it's 1st time ever to actually know what is the thing u post in ur blog.
    i tried this program too, but in windows, it's actually same same d, it works like a charm.

  3. @ubuntu-seekers
    OK I am screwed, didn't notice that. Not my disk btw. How she know how to convert it back

    @Xiao Gui
    Glad to know that.
    My blog is pretty obscure isn't it

  4. actually it's me who change it to ppt back..