Saturday, January 03, 2009

A useful tools: Powertop

One problem with my eeepc now, is that I didn't get the battery life it claim, on windows and linux on the eee pc. That is 8 hours. Currently it is only 4.5 hours.

One way to figure out what is using the power is, using powertop. It is a open source tools to use to display the process that is using the power, and give recommendation. Which is cool, because, it actually very convenient. But of course, you really need to do it manually, because the solution is missing after a reboot.

For ubuntu user, just

sudo apt-get install powertop
And powertop need to be run by root.


  1. Nice info. I need to use this powertop. Thanks.

    // Jadu, India

  2. Anonymous8:12 PM

    PowerTop is indeed a very good app, really squeeze out more juice from your battery.
    The changes made are temporary, but if you want it permanent, have to tinker with the config files, which is a quite a hassle. is an initiative by Intel to save energy using linux kernel on Intel platform. PowerTop is one of their many apps.