Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sharing Keyboard and Mouse using synergy

Some time it is nice to actually able to share keyboard and mouse between my laptop and desktop. 
The good news is, synergy actually allows such functionality, and it give the ability to share the clipboard too, meaning you can drag and drop between 2 computer. 

To start using synergy

On ubuntu go to the menu

system -> administration -> synaptic to install it. Or you can just

sudo apt-get install synergy

On fedora go to menu
system -> administration -> add/remove software and search synaptic

Or you can just
yum install synergy

To start using synergy
create a text file called synergy.cond
section: screens
section: links
                right = comp2
                left = comp1


change comp1 into the name main computer or the server, and comp2 into the secondary computer

On your main machine, open a terminal and type

synergys -f synergy.conf

On the second machine

synergyc -f 
Now you can share keyboard and mouse, with another machine. BTW there is a windows version too.
this article originally in mandarin, on, written by me 

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