Friday, January 23, 2009

screwed up internet in malaysia

I rediscovered miro, like last. Which is a very cool open source apps, that subscribe to video feeds, and download it for our viewing features.

But of course, there is one problem. The thing is there is plenty of interesting stuff to watch, from feed from Revision3, Discovery, Make, TED, etc. And really the video is not small. Quite a number of it is around > 100 megabyte. And because I only have time on weekends, so I do it in  batch.

That's where problem comes. You see, TMNET, is giving substandard service, worst we still stuck with slow speed, around 100 Kilobyte. So it could take me like half a day to download it. And last time, I use maxis 3g, it gives Bandwitdh limit of 3gig. My download already taken half of it already.

I mean seriously, it is about time, for someone to actually fix the ISP or network malaysia. I mean, with many (legal)content online. With organization actually provide online videos. We cannot keeping thinking that 1 megabit is enough, it is not. And we cannot actually 3gigabyte limit is enough for everyone.

With the number of media, online, it probably not enough, for most people. This is not the 90's where people just use the web for emails, and searching. Videos is online, song is online, software is online, finally even documents is online, etc.

Really I am just sick of have to wait for the whole day just to finish a video.

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