Monday, June 29, 2009

Is loving screen

So I got a job, which allows me to develop on linux...(w00t!!!).
Along the way, I have found screen....

screen is a full screen windows manager that, multiplexes several process. Usually active shells. As quoted from the man page.

The thing is, it is useful that, I can run several shells. Without actually have to open several instance of gnome terminal. Which is useful, because I use a lot of vim nowadays. And really have to open several windows just to have several terminal tend to be distracting.

screen is not hard to use, 
Ctrl-a + c        : to open new windows
Ctrl-a + n        : switch to next windows
Ctrl-a + p        : switch to prev windows
Ctrl-a + Ctrl-a: toggle between 2 windows
Ctrl-a + ?        : is the help(if you don't remember the rest, just remember this one)

BTW I found that this is useful for my eeepc as well. Consider that, I found that console apps tend to save a lot of screen space...And too much windows open, then to be hard to navigate.

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