Thursday, June 11, 2009

Linux Emergency: entering Single User Mode in fedora

So I installed ati driver on Fedora, BAD IDEA. Because, once you finish booting, you cannot even call virtual console like alt-f2.

Solution is to access Single User Mode. Then run the uninstall script.

Actually single usermode is not limited to this, it is meant to be used for some of the worst case emergency.

To go to single user mode
Once rebooted,
1) Go to grub menu
2) Select the option to boot into linux
3) Press a
4) it should shows something like this
kernel /vmlinuz- ro root=LABEL=/ acpi=on rhgb quiet
Just add "1" behind it

kernel /vmlinuz- ro root=LABEL=/ acpi=on rhgb quiet 1
5) Press enter

You should be able to access the shell as root without login. Now you can do anything to fix your problem.

This is dangerous,because you can access everything, yes everything. Enjoy!!!

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous8:23 AM

    binary blobs are evil!!! luckily my laptop uses Intel, i don't have to suffer like my friend.

    he's on nvidia, he spend more time restarting his laptop than learning Bash. Frequent system hang plus none of the driver ver works for him.

    Ironically, he's running Linux Mint 7 on Dell Inspiron 1420 and the series is suppose to work flawlessly with Ubuntu? That's a joke.