Saturday, June 13, 2009

Learned how to use rsync

So I need to sync a folder between 2 computer my laptop, and PC.
So one way is to use scp, but I don't quite want to replace the folder. Just files I created. I just want to make sure the folder is in sync.

So I play with rsync. Which track changes of the files, and transfer the changed file only. From what I understand from wikipedia anyway.

And what so cool.The command is similar to scp, or cp. So the command for rsync is:
rsync source dest #for files
rsync src@hostname:source-file dest #from remote host to local file
rsync src dest@hostname:dest-file #from local file to remote host
rsync -r src dest #this is to transfer folder
So just change source with files, hostname with hostname or ip.

So another tools I learned as a newbie......

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  1. rsync is good shit, we use that for remote backup for our data.