Sunday, November 02, 2008

From the darkside, aka laptop died...................

So my lappy finally died. Since I still pissed @ HP, I probably get another one, that would be around christmas.
So for now, I will be in the darkside, the darkside is more pleasant than I thought. Erm I mean, I am on windows vista now.

Except several thing happens.
1) I have to resort to xchat on windows for IRC, and vlc too. And maybe later cygwin..........
2) I tried on c#, I try to refresh my knowledge on .net. So I get visual studio express. What happens is, I cannot start a project. Because it cannot access the registry. From forums, turn out that I need to run the program as administrator. Which is crazy, never heard that I need admin access to use a development tools. Not on linux anyway.
3) Because I like to play with alternative OS. Only to find out that, virtual PC, don't support OS other than windows. So I have to resort to virtual box.

Conclusion, eventually, I probably use more open source on windows. Than proprietary program. Because I didn't work as I thought. Probably it just another adventure on the dark side

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