Friday, September 26, 2008

pyNeighborhood: another way to access shared folder

Not too long ago, I got myself an NAS, and it turn out that the home PC, got a crazy USB port, it is a old machine. So I just get a NAS, backup my dad's stuff too. One thing is, the NAS is linux based, but that is another story

The thing is, that NAS of mine, uses samba by default, ok so, it is a windows dominated world. To access it from the linux partition on the old machine. I need a software, previously, I used smb4k. It is a nice one, but it is also very kde oriented, because it will prompt me to install dolphin file manager for example. But the it uses xubuntu on the old machine, so alternative is needed

Another software to use to mount pyNeighborhood, which is interesting because, it does not depends on filemanager, in fact, the default is to use, midnight commander.

One thing is, you need a few settings before it work properly,
1) you need a folder that you can write, basically, I just create a folder in my home directory
2) you need to configure, pyNeighborhood, to make it work.
So under the edit menu go preference.
First, put the folder you created in the mount folder. You can always put your home folder, but it is messy. One more thing, use full path, I never manage to use relative path here. 
Because my NAS need me to set password, so i untick Always use anonymous logins. 

To use pyNeighborhood, click on the group, then it will scan, then found the server, then click again. You will presented on the server, then click, you should see the folder. But if, your shared folder is password protected, so right click on your folder, then mount as user.

Actually, it is just clicking around. You can get it working. It is pretty easy, and unlike smb4k, it is pretty independent of the desktop.

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