Saturday, September 13, 2008

fun with linux: mount a iso image as a disk

I actually, downloaded the original red alert, to play it on wine. It turn out it is a iso image. aka .iso file. And I am lazy to burn it.

So what I do is,
sudo mount -r -t iso9660 [path-to-iso-file] -o loop /media/cdrom0

If you are on other linux, you probably need to ditch the sudo, and do it as root. Probably modify /media/cdrom0 part too

So example on red alert ISO I downloaded. and unzipped at home directory, the command would be:

sudo mount -r -t iso9660 redAlert/RedAlert1_AlliedDisc/RedAlert1_AlliedDisc/CD1_ALLIED_DISC.ISO -o loop /media/cdrom0
The command above is actually in one line.

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