Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Trying to balance work and passion

One reason I join the IT industry is, my passion in programming, my interest in programming. But really when I get a job, it is really not what I have in mind.

But the problem is, it is hard to balance between work and play. And it is hard to sharpen my skills. Because the nature of my job, it really don't have a lot of programming. That's not what I have in mind comes in. Another is, I don't expect myself to specialize in one software alone, I expect myself to develop software, not too specialize in one thing.

Worst, I got distracted by emails and rss feeds. Not to mention forums.

Really, if I don't practice, my skills will be so rusty, I cannot trust myself to write a decent program.

p.s Looks like need to have a weekend project it is.

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