Monday, September 22, 2008

pissed @ HP

Last week, I try to get my warranty on my laptop. At HP service center, in Damansara Heights.

What happen is, after talking to a higher ranking person in the center, I still can't get it because.

There is a little crack on the connector, and they blame it on me, that it is broken, and it should not, according to their "spec". Guess what, I do network at time, at I got a number of network cable, some defective, some not. Sometime, it stuck, on the connector. So some crack is normal. And more importantly, it is not the cause of the trouble, of my laptop.

The technician, already prove that it is a hardware issue, not due to the stupid connector.

If this is the issue, and not the connector, why they refuse to give warranty to the motherboard to the laptop. Where I am still elligible. Why? They try to make a buck.

I am pissed, with the attitude of the manager, and really really disappointed with such a policy. And I am considering NOT to get a HP or COMPAQ machine. And NOT recommending my friends or anyone I know, to get their product

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  1. Anonymous5:34 PM

    HP / Compaq really suck.. got one compaq last 3 years..broken hdd and keyboard malfunction..i know its not under warranty because already pass 2 month..they want to charge RM800 for 20gb and RM1++ for keyboard..then i go to lowyat buy 40GB for RM2++ and buy keyboard directly from HP supplier @ glenmarie for on RM60..damned..HP really make money