Wednesday, September 03, 2008

What happens today...............

Basically, google release their browser chrome, true it is open source. True it uses open source engine, webkit, true they also provice source code
for their javascript engine.

But there is one big problem, chrome don't run on linux(yet), which is strange, because it is webkit based. And the v8, javascript engine, don't work on 64 bit linux yet. And gears, also don't have a 64 bit linux version.

Maybe they do it like picasa, which is run on top of wine. Or they make it work with the 32 bit execution environment, like how we install 32bit browser on linux.

disclaimer: I actually signup so that, when google release a version for linux, I will get notified.

Red Alert
EA release red alert as freeware, yes still close source. But maybe I can use the artwork for openredalert.

On the other hand, it would run well on wine.
Sadly, it is still not free(in freedom), consider the engine is old.

p.s Nowadays with demanding job, it begin to be hard for me to keep up with the latest.

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