Sunday, November 23, 2008

From the darkside, scanning FAIL!!!!!!!

Need to make a photo copy of my certs for office use. Which suppose to be easy right. At least I expect it to work seamslessly on Vista. NOT QUITE!!!!!!!

First Paint do not detect the scanner, but Vista did. Then I have to rely on picasa to to get it. I mean, you rely on third party software just to scan a information. Maybe I just get used to having software that is preinstalled to able to use my hardware.

I mean, even on linux, it have gimp installed by default. And chances is it have xsane installed by default, aka it is a linux software to do scanning. And I am able to scan something, or just use gimp to acquire an image(via xsane). I mean, suddenly on windows, I have to rely on picasa which I downloaded myself, scan the image. It is really crazy.

Windows is user friendly? Really I have doubt for it. I am able to do the same task by just few clicks on linux.

p.s Now if canon just release drivers. even better open Interfaces to the scanner of mine, the quality will be really nice on linux.

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