Friday, November 28, 2008

Post on "Protecting" Software, from a forum

This is a link, to a thread in a Malaysian forum. Which is chinese BTW.

Basically the thread starter is asking how to "Protect" a software so that it will not be "Pirated". Which people suggest measures like Patents and DRM device(On USB!!!). Which I think is crazy, because any added cost is not a good thing. Because this actually add more cost on your software. And customer being treat like a thief is not a good thing.

I don't say that the DRM device is NOT secure, NOR will I say it is secure. I just say that it is not necessary.

It also shows that people still think the approach of selling software is selling by the box. Which I think is wrong. If my knowledge from my work is an indication. Software vendor don't just get away after selling the software. There is more work to do for them, support service, training, customization, update.............
Even for desktop software, antivirus actually selling via subscription, and any software will need updates.

Or maybe I misunderstand the thread question, maybe it is about protecting code. Which come to a question, is the thread started afraid of reverse engineering. Which I don't really see as a threat.

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