Sunday, November 23, 2008

From Startup Camp: Part 2

Todays Startup Camp, is interesting in many way. Not as many session. But I spent many time in conversation.

The most interesting one is Jimmy(really he is much older than me, I should call him Uncle Jimmy). He is a game designer. He have some real interesting old school game. I mean, it reminds me that game, can be simple, and nothing involve computer. And his business is nice. Business wise, his business is mostly from outsite malaysia. Which is really amazing.

And I spend sometime on the bootstraping business using open source talk. Nothing surprising, as Colin said, preaching to the choir. So most of these guys, knows open source already. It just that I don't see trolls a lot. But I seen one, which is ignorant. I mean SQL server free? I know people tend to goes toward open source, unless, you are working in the most conservative IT department in the world(The place where I work). Or you are ignorant.

The ignorant one, I seen them before.

Oh yeah, second day is mostly social event. Talking playing with (uncle) Jimmy's game. Hehe, real fun!!!
And that is what barcamp is about

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  1. I just left my comfortable job to change my lifestyle and begin my startup adventure too. My previous position was pretty crappy, but in spite of the horrible economic conditions, I feel as though this is a good time in my lift. Good luck with your startup!