Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Migrate feedburner to google. FAIL!!!!!!

Sometime, it just nice that if I am able to consolidate some of my service together. I got too much. I mean, I have friendster, facebook, multiply, hotmail, yahoo, feedburner.........................

Too much, sometime, I just need consolidate when I have a chance, an example is, feedburner. Turn out that, I can migrate feeds from feedburner to google account. Which is good, one less password to remember, is definitely a good thing.

Unfortunately, it didn't work!!!! I can't get it work. I wonder why. I give the correct password. And username.

So for now I can forget have adsense for feed for now.

p.s I have adsense in this blog now. In the current economic condition. Wish that it would give me some extra much needed cash. Most probably an epic fail anyway.

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