Saturday, November 22, 2008

From Startup Camp

Yesterday is the beginning of Startup Camp, held in conjunction of the Global Entrepreneur Week(GEW).

Basically it is a barcamp, yes, another unconference. And like any barcamp, it is very casual. Which surprisingly, not many people know that. The talk is good, but I forget the bring my camera. (Again). Unlike any barcamp, actually currently only one held in malaysia for now anyway. This is pretty focused on startup.

There is 3 tracks, going that day, which is the social entrepreneur, technopreneur, and general entrepreneur. The social entrepreneur track is very interesting, more toward exploring the idea of social entrepreneur. Which is fun. The technopreneur track is more toward, funding(I wonder why?), it is also more techie oriented, aka tech startup(it is a technopreneur track). And finally the general entrepreneur track, is pretty, general, aka how to start business etc.

Why on earth I am there. Actually I kinda hope to start a business. But mostly because my friends are there.

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