Sunday, August 27, 2006

another adventure using alternative os

one of the first practical exposure to unix, other than cygwin, is minix. even that is because there is a bochs image for minix. later i use linux. then forgotten about it for a while until, not too long ago i use minix3 on qemu.

now, since i have vmware with me so i decide to find minix image for it. which i did find it.

the thing about minix is that, it got the source code that i understand. it is shorter than linux, and smaller too. interesting place to see how the OS work.

this is the only OS that i have study the source code a little, other than linux. which i also study alittle on my free time.

minix just give me a nostalgia, i think that is the word i guess. first to give me some insight how unix work. first unix i exposed on. let say i'm going to have fun.

Friday, August 25, 2006

geos.... hmmm thats fun

i found this site on GEOS. a OS that is once popular in the 80's. in the good old days, where computing advance is not dictated by one company. hmm interesting to see at work. make me wonder whether i can find an commodore 64 emulator for linux. very interesting read i have to say.