Sunday, February 21, 2010

Why some project demo feels like a first date

Based, on the feeling i have now, because will meeting with a client, with a prototype,

1) First impression is important
2) You need to touch up before show up
3) You need to make sure everything works as planned
4) Elaborate preparation is needed
5) You don't have to feel good, but you need to look good(the program anyway)
6) Thing will never works well.
7) you might ends up getting a long term commitment
8) or getting ditched within first hour..

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

FAQ for Chinese/Lunar New Year 2010


 ****Will definitely change during the get together*****

0. About this FAQs
1. On relationships

2. On career

0. About this FAQs

0.1. What is this FAQs about?

This is to answer, the common question asked by relatives during the New Year Get Together

0.2. Why?

Because, it is usually the same question, and I usually give the same answer
(truth, it is mostly for the lulz, I hope)

0.3. Disclaimer,

It is meant to be funny, nothing serious. Which most probably fail........


1. On relationship

1.0. What is the usual question on relationship?

- When is your turn to give ang pao?
- Got girlfriend or not?

1.1 When is your turn to give ang pao?

-  Not Now, Bad economy....

1.2. Got girlfriend or not?

- Got someone you can introduce to me?

1.2.1. Why still not have girlfriend?

- Because of here and here 
- Because there is a bigger change of winning toto(so I concentrate on that instead)

2. On Career

2.0 What is the usual question

- What are you doing now

2.1 What are you doing?

- Programmer, writing codes
- print "programmer"
- #("ongettogether").html("programmer");
- Let see how I can explain it in lay person

2.2 How much do you make?
- Not enough to give out an ang pao :-(
- Which is why the angpao is really important!!!

Now I hope to see FAQ from everyone else that celebrate the lunar new year

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

django, solr and a few interesting stuff Part 2 : Haystack....

****continuation from the last story******

As the Adventure Continue

One of the nice thing about django, it have all sort of application. Haystack is such a application. Not just haystack support solr, it also support a few other backends. This include whoosh, and xapian.

The fun part about this, it is quite pleasant to work with. So we redo all of out previous code to work with this.

Let The Game Begin

Again the tutorial is helpful, it pretty much describe what i am have done anyway. And the documentation covers a lot!! So I will skip the setup, and index.

After following the tutorial to setup.And modify the for each models that we need to find. And generate the solr index, and copy to the solr/conf.

We basically have a django application ready to do search. To test, is a matter of going to shell.

from haystack.query import  SearchQuerySet

q = SearchQuerySet().all()

of course, you can also, do

q = SearchQuerySet().filter(fieldname='value')
for i in q:
      print i.object.value

It is similar to django queryset api. Except it is for search. You can do a lot more, like faceted search, chain the filter, etc.

Are we There Yet. 

Not quite, there yet. Because haystack also have a search page, which you can enable, also covered in the tutorial. You can inherit from the search view, and forms to fit your need.

An example is for a form that I need(it is generic anyway)

So you don''t even need to create your own form, and views.
Just import the views, and change the parameter

haystack is pretty comprehensive, have many stuff done for us, from views, forms that is functional. Doing indexing, generating index for solr, etc. I think this is a nice project to use in django for providing search in your web app