Wednesday, December 31, 2008

End of 2008 post: the plan

The plan next year
  1. Next years events, and barcamp
  2. Looking for opportunity at the end of the year
  3. Lets not get fired
  4. Get driving licence.
  5. and finally need to be more active in the community . 
Of course, whether  i can achieve it is another matter all together.

End of 2008 post: the summary

What happen to the whole year:
  1. My first experience in job interview, 
  2. The second interview ends up getting the job
  3. Which expose me to mainframe, and cobol, a interesting but painful experience
  4. So is the job experience, as the tester. 
  5. Before that I graduated from uni, finally.
  6. Also have a chance to participate as the volunteer of barcamp in malaysia, and, a big community events
  7. And several mess around me, let's be merry instead
  8. And learn more and more.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Fun With Linux: bootchart

It is another day where I have a little adventure with my new toy, my eeepc 1000h. What I don't satisfied is the boot time, I got around 40 second on ubuntu on ubuntu using the adam's kernel.

So before to optimize, we need to investigate.

Bootchart is a way to show the boot process, in the end of the boot, you will get a chart, that shows the process.

To install on ubuntu

sudo apt-get install bootchart
The chart generated from the boot process, is stored in /var/log/bootchart. It is a png image.

So the result that I get, from my setup

It is one thing to know, now, how to optimise it?

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Adventure with eeePc 1000h, using ubuntu 8.10 intrepid.

Got myself a laptop finally, it is a eeepc 1000h, comes with windows xp, the fun part is, I got it slightly cheaper than most, and 2 gig of ram, which added extra, also 2 year warranty, for RM1845. At lowyat.

It is a machine, that comes with windows xp, which I format it. And I install ubuntu on it.

Step 1:
Download ubuntu, then copy to a pendrive, using unetbootin. The instruction is on the page.

Step 2:
Plug in the pendrive, press  ESC key, when you turn on the computer, then select the pendrive, you should be able to boot into ubuntu.

Step 3:
Setup ubuntu, that is straight forward.

Step 4:
Now install the custom kernel. Using kernel. After this, the wireless should be working. And other hardware too, to be honest, didn't test the camera.

Step 5:
Install the acpi script. Just to make it work nicer.

Step 6:
Now one more thing didn't work well, the sound is not loud. Download the alsa upgrade script

Step 7:
Install netbook remix.

As you see, I didn't use anything that is special, just use instruction from the web. And it works well.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Shopping for laptops(FINALLY)

I know, it is late for Christmas, but finally I afford to get a notebook finally.
Now choice, choice, choice and choice.

Requirement for my lappy involve.

  1. Can run linux very well, or rather linux runs on it well. 
  2. Screen must be big enough
  3. Hard disk space big enough for external libraries.
  4. And around RM2000. 
What I have in mind, is eeepc 1000. Considering other option like aspire one, etc. 
Think, Think, Think

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Monday, December 22, 2008

My first REXX script

This is my first program written in REXX, it is a scripting language used first on mainframe, now have port for major platform from linux to windows and more. This is basically a Julian to Gregorian date converter. At least or form used in the bank. It took me a day to finish it, by then i spent a lot of time Procrastinating. Don't just copy it, the formating is wrong

/* REXX */
  /* NOT EQUAL IS /= OR \= OR <> */
       SAY CDY||"/"||CMT||"/"||YR||" (DD/MM/YYYY)"
       SAY "WRONG DAY!!!!"
    SAY "WRONG YEAR!!!!!"
  LYR = 0
  IF (PYR // 100) = 0 THEN
    IF (PYR // 400) = 0 THEN
      LYR = 1
    IF (PYR // 4) = 0 THEN
      LYR = 1
  YERR = 1
    IF PYR > 50 THEN
      PYR = 19||PYR
      PYR = 20||PYR
   YERR = 0
      YERR = 0
  VDY = 1
  IF PDY > 0 & PDY < (366 + CHECK_LEAP(PYR)) THEN
    VDY = 0
  MONTH = 1
  /* THE LOOP */
    MONTH = MONTH + 1

Monday, December 15, 2008

My Quest of (web service) Convergence

So my quest of web service. Goes a step further. Somebody among my circle using Which is interesting. Because it finally do something I really need. It have

  1. Post statuses to several of my social network, aka facebook, friendster(which I rarely use), etc(Blame on my friends) and not to mention and twitter
  2. Actually update my old blog
  3. Not to mention my links to delicious, and announce it to the world
  4. of course photo from flickr.
  5. and let me do it from a chat client too.
But there is a problem, Not all service is covered, because now i use picasa web too. But it is ok, it covers almost all that I use. Also it is a updates service, so it is pretty much limited to that. But I can save a lot of time, updating the services that I use.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Was in PC Fair

Today is the time of the year again. Where many shops/company setup booth in KL Convention Center. Where some techie went for bargain. Others, something else. Yup it is PC Fair. And every year I go down. And every year, I bought nothing, and no pictures.

Basically PC Fair is always like the same old stuff. But occasionally we might have some interesting stuff there.
In today case, it is touch screen computer and netbooks. It seems most major laptop vendor in Malaysia produce some form of netbook. HP have one, dell have one, now even Fujitsu produce one.

Most of netbooks is around RM1500 range. But of course there is some touch screen version. That is around, RM2000-RM3000. Fujitsu Shows off their U2010(or was it a U1010), which is RM3600(I think). Either way, it comes with touch screen, which is interesting. And Gigabyte have their m704, which is also RM3000.

What i really like, it is small, and the best part is that, it is touch screen, but one thing is, I am wondering whether these guys works with linux. Seems that the Fujitsu machine is working(from forum anyway). The gigabyte machine not much, mostly because of their VX700 graphics unit. But it is also a tad expensive. So I probably stick with eeepc for now.

Other interesting offering is, software, and GPS. Kingsoft have their office suites, which I am wondering whether people actually bought it. And it seems that there is many people selling Kapersky. Which is interesting, and finally GPS got cheaper, and more mainstream.

Otherwise, it is the same old same old. I still think it is crazy to host PC fair at this time, people don't have their salary in yet.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Was watching The Day The Earth Stood Still

Today lets do something not tech related. 

My company actually a movie night for all the staff. Yes, probably I should stay for one more year too(OK, that is really because of the economy). Oh yeah, sponsored dinner and pop corn too.

By the way, it is "The Day The Earth Stood Still". The movie is OK, not bad, but not good either. A bit mediocre. Generally the story describe about human in general. From our ability to be aggressive to our ability to love and our ability to be humble(actually more like give in).

The thing is the story seems to be disconnected. While the big idea is shown on screen well. But connection between character is not good, other than Helen and Jacob. I mean the character is there, so?  The emphasize of a invasion part take more precedence over the human story.

But the reason behind the whole movies is not clear, or maybe they do. It have too much emphasize of the disaster but not much of the reason.

What really nice about the movies is the special effect. It is nice, not creative, but nice. Gort the robot, definitely have the geek appeal, at least for me anyway. So is the military equipment. The cause for the disaster in the movies, is also very cool.  I keep it for someone that watch it to see.

But sadly the story is not as good. While the effect is nice, the act is ok. The story is very wide, but lack the depth.But it is not a bad story.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Adventure with fedora: day 1

So I installed fedora. Not quite a new user in fedora. Just not use it as much as Ubuntu. Below is my fedora desktop, modified.

First thing I notice is that. It didn't come with open office. Which is interesting. While I don't quite rely on it. I pretty much do all of my work in office. They tend to be crazy when it comes to data security. Well, abiwords is there.

In a way, fedora sounds like linux few years back. When codec have to installed, third party repository have to be added. Which I could understand why. It just that ubuntu mitigate it by having a way to install it more easily.  And it applies to flash as well.

Packagekit is nice package manager. But a bit more simplified. Probably I just get used to synaptic. One difference is in ubuntu/debian, there is meta package to install group software. But on fedora it is group install.

But like linux nowadays, everything works well, in term of hardware. Except ATI is still a pain in the back. Linux is not hard anymore, from a guy who use linux for few years.

There is more to share on my observation on fedora. So there will be more to come

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Installing ATI HD 3650 driver on Fedora 10

First thing first, I got a working Fedora 10 installation on my portable hard disk. Everything is fine. Don't have full set of development tools. But it's fine. Until I decided to install Radeon Driver for Fedora 10.

The end result, as people already knows long before. ATI on linux really sucks. Not just I can't use the screen at all, it unusable. It will be hard to fix. For newbie, you may well just reinstall. Because you cannot use a ATI RADEON 3650 HD on linux.

What I discover.
1) Fedora 10 really works very well, without 3d driver from ati.
2) Fedora 10 don't have xorg.conf anymore. It does make driver installation interesting.
3) ATI documentation really sucks at telling what to install reall.
4) To fedora user. What is the equivalent of Build-Essential on fedora anyway?
5) Next time, I will avoid ATI, until somebody ported open source 3d driver for the cards. So I should aim for those card with open source driver.
6) Is there a way for me to login to graphic safe mode, when boot in.
7) I don't know what I did wrong the ubuntu installer can't seems to detect my portable hard disk for installation.
8) you cannot use a ATI RADEON 3650 HD on linux.

I think it is interesting adventure today. Only to remember I don't need to format the installation(Which I already did). I just need to go into virtual terminal and remove the driver(EPIC FAIL!!!!!!)

Yeah conclusion. ATI SUCKS ON LINUX

Friendster Rant

Nowadays I am more on facebook. Friendster, was like almost forgotten. But once in a while I do check it.

The only thing I find. It is been populate with spam. From comments to messages. Spam.

Probably time to ditch it?

Monday, December 08, 2008

Toilet Model For Public Wifi

An article by linux journal. On using pay toilet model for public wifi.

Which to me is interesting because. Public wifi is everywhere, and so is public toilet. The only difference is, we can't really pay for cheap labor like the janitor for sysadmin. By then, a sysadmin can be at multiple site, using ssh.

At shopping mall, at Malaysia, some of the toilets is free. I wonder how it would work, here.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

from barcampjb: The analysis ala the post mortem.

The good:

  • The volunteer is good, they are able to get the good venue and food and others thing needed such as t shirt and goodies and sponsor for barcamp.
  • We have a few good sessions, we have one of automated trading system, which is good, and informative, so is the talk on UAV, and the talk on microsoft on Azure. 
  • The crowd is good, fun loving, talking, there is intense networking around. 
  • When we thought that there is no such community in JB, we are wrong. We have seen a number of people in JB. Which is good. 
  • We manage to learn a lot.
  • At least I manage to link up with several of community member is in JB. 
  • Did I tell you, people from JB is nice. 
  • We manage to clean up the mess pretty well. It is pretty clean. 
  • Powerpoint Karaoke is the best session. 
The bad:
  • One thing is the venue where there is 2 wings voices interfering with each other. Kinda annoying. 
  • Certain session is from BarcampKL, and Startup Camp, which is ok, because not all in KL, but we need to take note that. We should have newer sessions for the next barcamp, at least for places that held it more than once. 
  • It seems we have problem with marketing talk. Probably we should take note of that too.
  • Powerpoint Karaoke is too short. 
  • A bit feels like nothing special. 

from barcampjb: What happen.

Why I go to barcamp, in JB, which is a 4 hours drive from KL?

Most of it, is to meet up with the, MYCLUG group in JB. There some who is based in JB, and some in Penang it seems. Basically I need to have a vacation, while I need rest, I need recreation too. The guys(and gals) in barcamp in malaysia, is a fun loving bunch. So with where wolves why not.

The crowd in barcamp in jb is more that we thought. Like in KL, we have a group of techies down here.
Which really shock us. And the idea is barcamp is really the conversation with the participant, and volunteer. Of course sometime we tend to get into debate, yes I got into a mini debate with a representative from microsoft, since I am a linux user.

Of course there is very few events in malaysia, that we can learn like barcamp. And from Roni, it seems that we would have a few more interesting events. So stay tuned.

Of course one reason is, it is really fun to be in such a unique events in Malaysia.

from barcampJB: The photo edition.

Got back from barcamp JB yesterday.
Generally the event is good. What the BarcampJB volunteers do a very good, good venue, food. T-shirt. Everything. There is several good talk, from automated mapping using UAV, to automated stock trading system.
We have good crowd, interesting talk.

We have good venue. Very beatiful view.
From barcampjb

From barcampjb

From barcampjb

From barcampjb

From barcampjb

From barcampjb

We have a good team here. And yes we are werewolves
From barcampjb
From barcampjb
From barcampjb

From barcampjb

And not to mention good talk

From barcampjb

From barcampjb

And yes we are all having fun!!!

From barcampjb

From barcampjb

To be continued.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

MyOSS meetup on OAuth

Yesterday, was a MyOSS meetup, with a talk on OAuth by Mohan. It is very informative. It is very useful too.

Mohan, is a actually using OAuth in his work. And he shows how OAuth work, and how people do it. It is really informative. And it is really useful. Might use it for my own toy project. Definitely not work.

BTW the video is here

Barcamp JB, I am ready

So check list

1) Sleeping Bag - Check
2) Personal Cleanliness Kit - Check
3) Transportation - Check
4) Friday Leave - Check
5) Werewolf Card - Check
6) Monopoly - Check
7) Map - Check

So barcamp HERE I COME!!!!

BarCampJB - Be There

Now i need a map around JB.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Barcamp JB aka The (Rail)Road block

Turn out my boss, didn't approve my leave yet. Worst the night train have no more ticket.

Hoping that i can get my leaves today. With minor chance of success.

It seems that going to Menara Cyberport from seems to be far. Plan B is definitely needed.Thus begin operation transporter.

BarCampJB - Be There

Monday, December 01, 2008

Barcamp JB count down. 5 days.

BarCampJB - Be There

Barcamp JB on Saturday. And the badge is here!!!!!

See you guys there. 

Post on "Protecting" Software, from a forum: redux

The redux for the discussion. Again they bring up the fact that, a software sold at let say RM10k. Sold at pasar malam at RM10. BTW it is chinese.

Which of course interesting, because, finally voice of reason is here. Not me, I am really the voice of unreason. One of it is, about company don't pirate software, because they need support and setup. Some by providing open source support.

So conclusion here, there is hope for people in Malaysia against DRM. There will be a fight, but it is not hard. As awareness is there.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Barcamp JB, check list

Barcamp JB is on this saturday. So time to do some preparation. 

So when shopping just now, checklist
1) Sleeping Bag - Check
2) Personal Cleanliness Kit - Check
3) Transportation - Not Check
4) Friday Leave - Probable.
5) Werewolf Card - Check
6) Monopoly - ?

Since My lappy dead. It would be interesting, to see what game people play without their lappy.

Barcamp JB here I come.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Post on "Protecting" Software, from a forum

This is a link, to a thread in a Malaysian forum. Which is chinese BTW.

Basically the thread starter is asking how to "Protect" a software so that it will not be "Pirated". Which people suggest measures like Patents and DRM device(On USB!!!). Which I think is crazy, because any added cost is not a good thing. Because this actually add more cost on your software. And customer being treat like a thief is not a good thing.

I don't say that the DRM device is NOT secure, NOR will I say it is secure. I just say that it is not necessary.

It also shows that people still think the approach of selling software is selling by the box. Which I think is wrong. If my knowledge from my work is an indication. Software vendor don't just get away after selling the software. There is more work to do for them, support service, training, customization, update.............
Even for desktop software, antivirus actually selling via subscription, and any software will need updates.

Or maybe I misunderstand the thread question, maybe it is about protecting code. Which come to a question, is the thread started afraid of reverse engineering. Which I don't really see as a threat.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Migrate feedburner to google. FAIL!!!!!!

Sometime, it just nice that if I am able to consolidate some of my service together. I got too much. I mean, I have friendster, facebook, multiply, hotmail, yahoo, feedburner.........................

Too much, sometime, I just need consolidate when I have a chance, an example is, feedburner. Turn out that, I can migrate feeds from feedburner to google account. Which is good, one less password to remember, is definitely a good thing.

Unfortunately, it didn't work!!!! I can't get it work. I wonder why. I give the correct password. And username.

So for now I can forget have adsense for feed for now.

p.s I have adsense in this blog now. In the current economic condition. Wish that it would give me some extra much needed cash. Most probably an epic fail anyway.

My Work With The Mainframe.

I am actually working in a bank, working with a mainframe, which is really awkward. Because it is priviledged and strange at the same time. Many people have misunderstanding on the mainframe system.

Well for one, it is not UNIX, it is not old, it is a different animal. And it is menu driven not much on commandline driven, aka ISPF. In fact it is so different, you really need to use it to see it. The heritage of mainframe is really old. Many old concept still inherited in the modern mainframe.

On linux you can create file, just one line of command, or on windows, just right click and create. Not quite as easy on Z/OS aka mainframe. You need to call tso command, then supply with parameter such as Block Size, Record Length, and even Volume Name. Or you can write a JCL script(I would call it a script). That provide the same information. To create a file, then submit it. But there is a command to create a dynamic datasets.

Also the file is different, flat file is almost the same, except we call it datasets. We have vsam file. Which is something like a files with keys. Which effectively an database file. Except it is not quite there. 

On a linux system, you can write a script in a long line if you want it. Not quite on Z/OS, the limit in a line, is 80 byte. Which is the same length on a punch card. Which is interesting. And limiting at the same time.

JCL is the important part of mainframe. It is use to run batch. Yes, we still run program as batch, like the goold old days. It just that we don't use punch card anymore. But program is run by batch. A batch run is different that what I remember in programming. It is like running a few program in a flow. And the jcl is used to allocate, files needed to the program. Depending in a situation, it can take a day, or few days to finish running the batch. Depend on the size of the program, maybe system is the more appropriate term.

Actually there is many many difference. So there will be a part 2. And this should be the beginning, of a long multipart article on mainframe. Which is really based on the one I use in my job. Which I need to filter out some sensitive stuff.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

From the darkside, scanning FAIL!!!!!!!

Need to make a photo copy of my certs for office use. Which suppose to be easy right. At least I expect it to work seamslessly on Vista. NOT QUITE!!!!!!!

First Paint do not detect the scanner, but Vista did. Then I have to rely on picasa to to get it. I mean, you rely on third party software just to scan a information. Maybe I just get used to having software that is preinstalled to able to use my hardware.

I mean, even on linux, it have gimp installed by default. And chances is it have xsane installed by default, aka it is a linux software to do scanning. And I am able to scan something, or just use gimp to acquire an image(via xsane). I mean, suddenly on windows, I have to rely on picasa which I downloaded myself, scan the image. It is really crazy.

Windows is user friendly? Really I have doubt for it. I am able to do the same task by just few clicks on linux.

p.s Now if canon just release drivers. even better open Interfaces to the scanner of mine, the quality will be really nice on linux.

From Startup Camp: Part 2

Todays Startup Camp, is interesting in many way. Not as many session. But I spent many time in conversation.

The most interesting one is Jimmy(really he is much older than me, I should call him Uncle Jimmy). He is a game designer. He have some real interesting old school game. I mean, it reminds me that game, can be simple, and nothing involve computer. And his business is nice. Business wise, his business is mostly from outsite malaysia. Which is really amazing.

And I spend sometime on the bootstraping business using open source talk. Nothing surprising, as Colin said, preaching to the choir. So most of these guys, knows open source already. It just that I don't see trolls a lot. But I seen one, which is ignorant. I mean SQL server free? I know people tend to goes toward open source, unless, you are working in the most conservative IT department in the world(The place where I work). Or you are ignorant.

The ignorant one, I seen them before.

Oh yeah, second day is mostly social event. Talking playing with (uncle) Jimmy's game. Hehe, real fun!!!
And that is what barcamp is about

Saturday, November 22, 2008

From Startup Camp

Yesterday is the beginning of Startup Camp, held in conjunction of the Global Entrepreneur Week(GEW).

Basically it is a barcamp, yes, another unconference. And like any barcamp, it is very casual. Which surprisingly, not many people know that. The talk is good, but I forget the bring my camera. (Again). Unlike any barcamp, actually currently only one held in malaysia for now anyway. This is pretty focused on startup.

There is 3 tracks, going that day, which is the social entrepreneur, technopreneur, and general entrepreneur. The social entrepreneur track is very interesting, more toward exploring the idea of social entrepreneur. Which is fun. The technopreneur track is more toward, funding(I wonder why?), it is also more techie oriented, aka tech startup(it is a technopreneur track). And finally the general entrepreneur track, is pretty, general, aka how to start business etc.

Why on earth I am there. Actually I kinda hope to start a business. But mostly because my friends are there.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

From the darkside, the anticlimax

So I installed virtualpc, even though it is not officially supported on vista home premium(which is WOE).

So I get Singularity. THen I realize, this is boring, using it is boring.

Probably the source code is more interesting.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

from the darkside, trying to get VirtualPC FAIL!!!!

Basically singularity 2.0 RDK have been released. Which is known to run well on VirtualPC.

Which the idea is really simple, just get VirtualPC and install it right....

Turn out that VirtualPC cannot run on vista home premium. Which is another "What On Earth" event of my life.
It limiting me simply because I don't have Vista Business or Ultimate.

It is disappointing, give me an OS that limit what I can do is disappointing. And worst make me no reason to keep it. Unfortunately it is not my PC isn't it.

At least I know, I wouldn't get a Windows for my own personal machine.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Will be busy 'camping' on the next few weeks

There will be a 2 barcamp activities for the next few weeks,

Startup Camp will be on 22-23 November, will be held is Plug and Play center, in the Gardens Midvalley, Kuala Lumpur, for Global Entrepreneur Week. The focus of this camp, is on entrepreneur. Well it is a Global Entrepreneur Week.

BarcampJB will be on 6-7 December, in MSC Cyberport, in Johor Baru. This will be the second barcamp held in Malaysia. And it will be a sleep over too.

In the spirit of barcamp, it will be organized by volunteer. And it would be an interesting event. So register while registration is open. I will be there too.

from the darkside, redux: powershell part 3

So I played with powershell, again. Realize that my idea that program cannot be opened is quite wrong.
Turn out that most does work, I tested the command line program anyway. So netstat, ping etc, does work.
So let say, I want to extract some data from such a program, I use netstat here.

netstat|select-string '8080'

Let say I wanted to see all the 8080. It would work like linux, or unix. Except we don't use grep, we use
select-string instead.

It just day 3, still have more to compare.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

from the darkside, redux: powershell part 2

Windows is getting boring here. But there is still some place for fun. Which is powershell.
I started by typing, in the shell
This shows the list of command. Which can scroll so far. And as a long time linux user, i put
It actually worked. Hmmmm.

But still how to connect to networking using powershell, and what is the equivalent of grep?
More to explore.

p.s OK so I spent very little time on this anyway. So there should be more. Maybe I should stop playing spore for once

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

from the darkside, redux. Poweshell

Was looking at powershell, for my adventure in the darkside. It is interesting because it have unix commands.

What's cool, it shows some capability of unix. What's not cool, really, it is just that. Anything special not from what I see yet. Why the heck you have a list-cmd. I just use tab......

Can't really call programs like unix shell. I am actually hoping to on ie from it. No avail. On unix, comands is really just a program, no more no less. It is just program that have parameters. No specialize command, like powershell.

It is really different. In fact the output is different too. It is scripting, looks the same. Will be some adventure, later

p.s where is grep anyway!!!!!!

Saturday, November 08, 2008


Was spending my day yesterday I should spend my time on talk. But I spent too much time on ubuntu booth. And got too tired at the same time, I wonder why.

p.s Remind me to take my camera today......................

Thursday, November 06, 2008

phone got cut off

Have to online at cybercafe, because, the phone line @ home got cut off, TMnet should give warning. Eitherway, looks like have to cough up cash to pay the bills

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

playing archeologist @ the job

My job at the bank involves software testing. As a tester. It can be boring at time. And trying to find defect on a huge system can be crazy. And my team testing a software that is huge......real huge and messy.

It just happens I am free(and bored), at the company. So I dig around with the codes. Looking at codes and copybooks(cobol equivalent of a header). Seeing what it does etc. It is like looking at a old writings, writen in a style few would understand. And like digging at the sites.

The hard part is, the system contains hundreds of copybook, and hundreds of working codes, not to mentions JCL script. Some is commented, often not all contain the enough information. And I still try to find the documentations. The full documentations I mean. Piece together a few at a time.

The prelimentary result is, a few of the copybook is found, and it is not documented(not sure how it would help in the work). And still a lot more to dig.

Lesson learnt, file-aid is a useful tools on the mainframe. And cobol is verbose, but readable. And lastly, looking at how different mainframe and other platform software look is interesting.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

From the darkside, aka laptop died...................

So my lappy finally died. Since I still pissed @ HP, I probably get another one, that would be around christmas.
So for now, I will be in the darkside, the darkside is more pleasant than I thought. Erm I mean, I am on windows vista now.

Except several thing happens.
1) I have to resort to xchat on windows for IRC, and vlc too. And maybe later cygwin..........
2) I tried on c#, I try to refresh my knowledge on .net. So I get visual studio express. What happens is, I cannot start a project. Because it cannot access the registry. From forums, turn out that I need to run the program as administrator. Which is crazy, never heard that I need admin access to use a development tools. Not on linux anyway.
3) Because I like to play with alternative OS. Only to find out that, virtual PC, don't support OS other than windows. So I have to resort to virtual box.

Conclusion, eventually, I probably use more open source on windows. Than proprietary program. Because I didn't work as I thought. Probably it just another adventure on the dark side

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

adventure @ digital mall , and the interesting conversation

I was surveying for laptop, at digital mall, in a very rare occation where, I am able to go home at 6.

Which I am able to found an interesting, the U60 from gigabyte, interesting machine. Gigabyte provide linux driver too. Key is weird, but it is relatively cheap. But RM 2160. But still interesting.

But interesting part is, conversation with the sales person. Well, I am asking whether formating the machine, will void the OS. Which he ask why. Of course, it begin to be interesting, when I say, I use linux mainly. He was like giving me a stare, or ask why, or say linux is hard to use.

Been there, through that......

Just love IT sales person reaction, when I say I use linux. You know, I might actually get that machine, when it is christmas. Probably not at digitalmall PJ, because they the sales there is mostly not friendly.

Monday, October 27, 2008

I love cURL

Sometime, cURL is a useful tools. And useful to download data from the web.
And scripting to download data. It support major protocol, like ftp, http, https. It is useful for testing, stuff too.

I am working on a pet project, involve twitter, I am try to see how it look like so i download a twitter feed using cURL. And it is really easy. Thanks to the twitter REST interface.

curl --basic --user $username:$password

All in one line, This is for json, if want xml, the replace json with xml. You might want to save it to a file. You can just redirect to a file. Just replace anything start with the $ with the appropriate value.

curl --basic --user $username:$password > $filename

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Was with the ubuntu-my group

I use ubuntu for sometime, but never really been to the community. Not quite until now.

Today was with the ubuntu-my team, an interesting bunch. The agenda is about, what to do on that day.

So as usual, I volunteered. And like in uni, I got involve. Except in uni time, I work in the background. Now it could be different.

Love to get involve. It does make my live balance in a way.

Eitherway, we got interesting activities(IMHO anyway), during So staytune.

Monday, October 20, 2008

attempt smuggling cygwin: FAIL

So the thing is, the idiots at my company still didn't give me the software. So what happen is, I decide to smuggle x3270 which I used to connect to my mainframe, which runs on linux. But on the other hand, it also have a cygwin version. Actually, the company use other software

So I decide to install it on my portable hard disk. Which works in a way, not in another. Well. the shell works, and so is the individual components. But, it is a pain to combine together. I have to setup the path. Even that, I still cannot mapped / properly.

So in a way, my attempt to put cygwin on my portable hard disk, fails. But still it is an adventuire

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I love Python

Python is a programming language, well known to have battery included. It is also full of features, and able to used in many places, from web development to game development, with the ability to extends using c and c++, the possibility is limitless.

How I use python, sometime, I try to code something, to play around with api's.

annoyed by uPnP

So, I have setup vista properly, and they add a few more unnecassary program. So I added a NAS of mine, to vista, so what happen is, vista demand driver for an NAS, actually, it is NAS demand Vista to install a driver.

So install I am, what happen is, it is actually driver for uPnP. Like for what. Worst thing happens is, now my folder on my NAS, now exposed, it can be accessed without password. My NAS is a linux based with samba.

Really, why should they demand to install driver for NAS, it is annoying. I mean, uPnP, is like weak in security. From what I understand, uPnP is dangerous, and Vista should not enable it.

OpenMoko Talk by Ole Tange

Last friday, I have a chance to go to a talk, on OpenMoko on Ole Tange. He is a Software developer, and is involve in opensource in europe. And OpenMoko is a phone which is completely free in free speech.

Basically, I like the talk because, it covers enough details on the phone, which i am going to explore. And it is itself interesting, because of audience participation.

Later in events we are shown the internal of the phone, he actually open up the phone. And we get to play around with it. And it is quite nice. While not quite like Android or iPhone. But it is still nice enough.

It just a pity, that I can't get the real phone with me, but it is really nice that it does. It would be fun, and it happens that I need a new phone too.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

a linux guy on vista, part one

Not too long ago, the family PC, fried. So, since the hardware pretty dated, and it is still use windows 98. And an unused linux partition. So i just get a new PC. Which surprisingly ok, in term of spec. And since no one but me, use linux, so it is a vista.

And vista is surprisingly fine, nicer interface, just a tad nicer than xp, but seriously can't we do that in xp. It can preview a windows on taskbar, like, by then beryl have it for sometime, 3d desktop switching, which xgl have it. Really, desktop widgets, which even konfabulator have it, and also linux desktop have it too.

So really, it is not much novelty factor here, unless you only been using windows for sometimes. Worst there is more thing that annoys me like. Desktop effects which annoys me on linux have been disabled on linux, and why on earth I want the same effect on windows. There is no multiple desktop by default. I actually have to google to hunt for software. Which is what is the last time i do it. I miss the fact that on pidgin on linux, everything I types is spell checked. Not much on msn messenger etc. How to auto login to the system anyway.

Really, I don't think It will replace linux as my primary desktop, I tried, but i tends to come back to linux, to do real work. Epic fail, not quite, but vista is not great either.

Saturday, October 04, 2008, we have a winner here.

Not too long ago, I register myself for an account for
Which is an open source alternative to twitter. I stop using it for a while, which is really like not long ago. For the reason that, it can't really integrate with facebook, or other webservice.

Now it is really different. For one, it can post to twitter, which really means a lot of their limitation is gone. So it can post to facebook through twitter. And other service. But not quite posting from the otherway round. So i can't really track, my friends from twitter here.

Here's the interesting part, the features taken out from twitter is in here. So the xmpp posting is in, so we can post using gtalk, and track status using identiSpy, or any xmpp client.

The interesting part about this whole thing is, it is open source, so the software can be installed and modified on our server. Which it self really interesting.

Feature wise, I think we have a winner, but will it replace twitter, I don't think so. For one, too many people using twitter already. But it will interesting to see whether, is more reliable than twitter.


Contemplating getting a PC aka hell froze over

My computer is fried, not my laptop, or rather, the home pc, a 4 year old machine, is fried, I think only the power supply dead. By then the PC itself have many problem, usb is a mess, cd-rom unworkable, still using windows 98, and the hard disk capacity is low, with the rate of them filling up the mp3, I am seriously consider changing the whole thing.

What I learn here is, because my family member don't use linux, I do have a linux partition there, but it seems that they still use windows 98 to load websites. And consider that many sites begin to demand ie6 and more, i think it need a better OS, and because nobody else but me using linux, it had to be any windows available. Yes I know Hell Froze Over.

And the licensing is enough to drives me nuts. I mean, you have a OS, that cost a bomb, which don't really do more that previous version of the same OS. And not to mention the Productivity Suite that is expensive. And the software it self, cost half of the computer. It is nuts.

Friday, September 26, 2008

pyNeighborhood: another way to access shared folder

Not too long ago, I got myself an NAS, and it turn out that the home PC, got a crazy USB port, it is a old machine. So I just get a NAS, backup my dad's stuff too. One thing is, the NAS is linux based, but that is another story

The thing is, that NAS of mine, uses samba by default, ok so, it is a windows dominated world. To access it from the linux partition on the old machine. I need a software, previously, I used smb4k. It is a nice one, but it is also very kde oriented, because it will prompt me to install dolphin file manager for example. But the it uses xubuntu on the old machine, so alternative is needed

Another software to use to mount pyNeighborhood, which is interesting because, it does not depends on filemanager, in fact, the default is to use, midnight commander.

One thing is, you need a few settings before it work properly,
1) you need a folder that you can write, basically, I just create a folder in my home directory
2) you need to configure, pyNeighborhood, to make it work.
So under the edit menu go preference.
First, put the folder you created in the mount folder. You can always put your home folder, but it is messy. One more thing, use full path, I never manage to use relative path here. 
Because my NAS need me to set password, so i untick Always use anonymous logins. 

To use pyNeighborhood, click on the group, then it will scan, then found the server, then click again. You will presented on the server, then click, you should see the folder. But if, your shared folder is password protected, so right click on your folder, then mount as user.

Actually, it is just clicking around. You can get it working. It is pretty easy, and unlike smb4k, it is pretty independent of the desktop.

my laptop almost fried

My wireless not working, i am still pissed hp.
On the other hand, I got a NAS to backup, which is another linux machine............

something like that.........

Thursday, September 25, 2008 is a community oriented Open Source Workshop, it is also not commercial in natures.

The plan is to have talks, knowledge sharing, and install fest. We already have volunteers.

The links is here:

The facebook page is:

It will happen, currently we are working to get all things ready.

I have to disable link posting

The thing is, while link posting keep the blog alive in a way, it also distracting. It will tend to covers the relevent content on the RSS.
And since I am a compulsive delicious user, it tend to make it worst.

So disable the links i have

Monday, September 22, 2008

pissed @ HP

Last week, I try to get my warranty on my laptop. At HP service center, in Damansara Heights.

What happen is, after talking to a higher ranking person in the center, I still can't get it because.

There is a little crack on the connector, and they blame it on me, that it is broken, and it should not, according to their "spec". Guess what, I do network at time, at I got a number of network cable, some defective, some not. Sometime, it stuck, on the connector. So some crack is normal. And more importantly, it is not the cause of the trouble, of my laptop.

The technician, already prove that it is a hardware issue, not due to the stupid connector.

If this is the issue, and not the connector, why they refuse to give warranty to the motherboard to the laptop. Where I am still elligible. Why? They try to make a buck.

I am pissed, with the attitude of the manager, and really really disappointed with such a policy. And I am considering NOT to get a HP or COMPAQ machine. And NOT recommending my friends or anyone I know, to get their product

What happen in last week.....................

I am in Singapore, helping a friend, visit my cousin. So not much weekend hacking......... So code this week.

My lappy almost fried, hp refuse to replace my laptop motherboard because of a crack that should not exist, but sometime, I have cable stuck inside, so I have no choice, p.s I still pissed. It gonna be hard to do some work now. Because my dev tools on the laptop, my desktop is not quite capable yet.

Which means, I will need to get a desktop, still researching, what I need is, not quite a work horse, but must be capable to compile codes, and running a small server and virtualization. A amd with 2 gig ram, 160gb hdd and above, geforce is nice. Basically anything that is around rm 2000-3000 would do.

On other note, the barcamp guys is alive. Or so it seems after I meet them during buka puasa dinner, I cannot believe I didn't take pictures. And guess what!!!! Barcamp is here soon, and the Johor barcamp will be around november, penang unknown. We going to have one again in KL, around december.

And lastly, is on soon. That is another post

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Glad I am in planet myoss

Glad I am planet myoss, This I have to thanks the site admin. Hope the information here is useful..

p.s no teaching post today, because, was working on something

Saturday, September 13, 2008

fun with linux: mount a iso image as a disk

I actually, downloaded the original red alert, to play it on wine. It turn out it is a iso image. aka .iso file. And I am lazy to burn it.

So what I do is,
sudo mount -r -t iso9660 [path-to-iso-file] -o loop /media/cdrom0

If you are on other linux, you probably need to ditch the sudo, and do it as root. Probably modify /media/cdrom0 part too

So example on red alert ISO I downloaded. and unzipped at home directory, the command would be:

sudo mount -r -t iso9660 redAlert/RedAlert1_AlliedDisc/RedAlert1_AlliedDisc/CD1_ALLIED_DISC.ISO -o loop /media/cdrom0
The command above is actually in one line.

Friday, September 12, 2008

fun with linux: a script to get system temperature

Nowadays my laptop tends to overheat. Until I get a cooler. I need to know when to slow down, so I need to get system temperature. On linux one way is to type the following in terminal, just replace the [thermal_zone], with what is under /proc/acpi/thermal_zone.
cat /proc/acpi/thermal_zone/[thermal_zone]/temperature
It turn out I got 2 thermal zone, so sometime i have to type the command twice, for 2 of my thermal zone TSZ0 and TSZ1. Which can tedious, so I just add the command above to a shell script. I mean, type cat and the file is tedious, so i shorten it by put it in a shell script

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Trying to balance work and passion

One reason I join the IT industry is, my passion in programming, my interest in programming. But really when I get a job, it is really not what I have in mind.

But the problem is, it is hard to balance between work and play. And it is hard to sharpen my skills. Because the nature of my job, it really don't have a lot of programming. That's not what I have in mind comes in. Another is, I don't expect myself to specialize in one software alone, I expect myself to develop software, not too specialize in one thing.

Worst, I got distracted by emails and rss feeds. Not to mention forums.

Really, if I don't practice, my skills will be so rusty, I cannot trust myself to write a decent program.

p.s Looks like need to have a weekend project it is.

Friday, September 05, 2008

FOSS-sm, aka Free and Open Source Software-Society Malaysia, is having, in Malaysia., is a community conference and workshop, on open source, software.
It wil be held in 8th of November.

It is in planning stage, so volunteer is needed.

Stay tune for more information!!1!

Finally installed Red Alert on Wine

I finally installed Red Alert on wine. The installation it self is easy, the hard part is. The keyboard tends to lose focus.

It turn out that, the issue revolve around scim. I have to disable it. Then it works like charm.

By then, it still have a few issues, like
1) It tend to have problem redraw the map, after a while, it is unplayable after 1 or 2 mission.
2) It also tend to heat up the laptop.

Looks like it is google time.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

In My Work Place

In my non-work life, everything is open sourced, so it is a bazaar world, where I can get stuff ala carte. Mean, I can just pick and match any software, as long it is compatible. Which is really, most would work!!

Now in my work life, proprietary software is used, mostly. Fine, most of the mainframe software is established, by prorietary company. But the desktop software, also is license, like most software house in Malaysia. It would take me a number of days to get a particular software, simply because, we need a license.

Maybe I really need to get use to the "real world"

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

What happens today...............

Basically, google release their browser chrome, true it is open source. True it uses open source engine, webkit, true they also provice source code
for their javascript engine.

But there is one big problem, chrome don't run on linux(yet), which is strange, because it is webkit based. And the v8, javascript engine, don't work on 64 bit linux yet. And gears, also don't have a 64 bit linux version.

Maybe they do it like picasa, which is run on top of wine. Or they make it work with the 32 bit execution environment, like how we install 32bit browser on linux.

disclaimer: I actually signup so that, when google release a version for linux, I will get notified.

Red Alert
EA release red alert as freeware, yes still close source. But maybe I can use the artwork for openredalert.

On the other hand, it would run well on wine.
Sadly, it is still not free(in freedom), consider the engine is old.

p.s Nowadays with demanding job, it begin to be hard for me to keep up with the latest.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Continuing my lisp adventure

It is been sometime since I reading the lisp book. So now I continuing, with 2 books.
structure and interpretation of computer program
How to design program

Really, I noticed how little i know about programming really

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Thought on a merdeka day

It is 51 years since our nation Malaysia, receive out independence. Really, are we really independent?

- We are relying foreign country for cash, technology, hell even workforce.
- People are just following like a sheep. Blindly. Based on what people say.
- Everybody is afraid to try new things.
- Really, we are stuck in the past.
- We are arguing non issue, for heaven sake.
- Worst, politician is crazy for power. Some are making nonsense statement.
- Politician are paying lip service to initiatives, like Biotech and MSC.

For heaven sake, we got a country to fix. And we have only 12 years till year 2020

Friday, August 29, 2008

A linux ads

It is really hard to find many marketing push of linux. But sometime what one can find on youtube can be surprising.

This is an ads on linux

This is one for open source

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Malaysian governemtn should keep their promise

The malaysian government have promised that, there will not be internet censorship. And they should keep their promised.

It is not even effective. guess what, you think all people get information from internet? THink again.

wesnoth sound issue

For a long time, since I use ubuntu hardy heron, i switch sound off, because it cause it to hang. Now I fixed it.

The solution is, to install libsdl1.2-esd. This would make the sdl library to use esd instead of alsa. And it works with pulse audio too. The command is

sudo apt-get install libsdl1.2-esd

techie pissed @ government. Interesting............................

I can't help to think that it is interesting. Because Malaysian government block a websites, horribilily. And it pissed of the tech community.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Malaysia now censor websites!!!!!!

Malaysia begin to censor websites, which is Which is unacceptable!!!!

I cannot believe the malaysian government is so backward in thinking. They block websites.

I cannot allow my country to follow a path of a police state. Not one, not ever.
I recommend that one should use annoynimity software like tor. TO protect themself.

Monday, August 25, 2008

In my job now

Finally got into the office. Into software testing environment for SCOPE.

Oh yeah, it is on mainframe. And cobol. That would be fun.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Installed nepenthes on my laptop

I installed nepenthes on my laptop running on ubuntu, and caught a few mayware within 15 minutes. Imagine that......................

Oh yeah, I am helping this guys, they are very nice. And I am currently helping them, in a very very very small way, to help them get more sample

Just finished the course

I finish the course, back to SCOPE on monday..................
Working on project, which is waiting to be assigned on monday.
And it involve "dinosaurs", aka mainframe and cobol.

why I am expecting my quotation mark to be closed automatically, oh great, must be coding too much for the assignment

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Xirrus wifi monitor on linux

xirrus actually nice enough, to provide a very nice, wifi monitoring, desktop widgets. And the best of all, there is a linux version, on gdesklets. Which cool also, really I prefer them to provide one for screenlets, or even plasma, since linux desktop in my opinion move toward that.

What interesting, it provide information on wifi around me. And my access point seems to jump around.

But really, it also look cool on my desktop......

Epic fail of WirelessKL, and wireless in izzi restaurant

My Boss was treating us, since today is our break. My bad habit breaks in again. I brought my laptop to go online, since izzi restaurant, wifi is free supposedly. Here's what happen.

They is 2 access point, around the area, that I should be access. 1) is the izzi restaurant, 2) wirelesskl. Which I face several problem.
1) Izzi restaurant, was posting in front of the restaurant, there is free wifi. Which
first I have to register,
second, after I register there is a note said, it is provided, for customer that purchace a certain amount.
third, it is not working at all.
2) Wireless KL,
An epic fail, I can't even connect. Nice try Wireless KL, but it failed. Seriously fix it already, I can't use it in barcamp

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

using twitter from pidgin

I realize that pidgin got more interesting, and more interesting, previously I use pidgin to talk using facebook chat. Which itself is interesting because, because facebook don't really release any, api documentation for facebook chat.

One thing I use now is pidgin-microblog, which is interesting also. Previously, the way to connect to twitter using pidgin, is to use a jabber account like google chat, then add twitter. But ever since, twitter, shut down the jabber service. SO it don't work anymore.

On the other hand, pidgin-microblog, works quite well. 
It's still new, but still, it is interesting to see, how creative people be with pidgin

Monday, August 11, 2008

The interesting python function called eval

What did I do
I have this Mini Project as my assignment, which I decide to use python. The assignment require that we have to design a program. And implement it.
Which during the implementation phase, I cheat a little. Actually a lot.

We have to create a calculator, which it need something quite advance, like doing calculus, and  like evaluate 1+2+3. So i decide to cheat  a little by, using sympy to do advance stuff(more on that later, it is good). Another way I cheat is, have all the function, which is not really a cheat, that is I use eval. Which goes to the main story.

eval() that's interesting
eval() is a interesting function, because it takes a string and runs it as python expression. But the catch is, the string must the a valid python expression. For example,in python intrepreter:
>>> eval("1+2+3")
Would evaluate 6. You can call functions:
But built in function like print, doesn't work . So there is some catch. Some built in function, doesn't seems to work.

I actually use it, because, I get the input in form of string, so a 1+2+3, would look like "1+2+3", which is a string. After I validate, I can just use the string with eval(), to actually execute it.

The danger
Then I realize one thing, eval is powerful, but, it is also a risk, I just realize that, since I am using django(don't ask), it is possible for someone to execute, a command to delete the database(for example). If we are not carefull, it is possible for it to execute system command, using popen. A tried and work example:
 Luckily it is just ls, imagine it is something else. On the other hand, it can be handled with proper permission setting. It might also be attempt, in accessing databases.

So if the system is open to other people, try to avoid the eval. Like in django, or actually all applications, other might use.

But I can't help but to think that, such powerful feature exist, is pretty cool.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Network slows down

Another day when Streamyx aka the default ISP in Malaysia, screw up again. I am on leaves and my network slows like hell.

Now everything just slow downs.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

my class is ignorant of version control tools

I am taking class, as I told many time, and this time doesn't involve cobol. Thank Goodness.

But it is software engineering. Which is cool, because Mr Gary shows how they do things in industry. But I have the whole class, puzzled as Mr Gary introduce, version control, erm actually software configuration management.

It is puzzling to me, how they can't know it. On the other hand, people is quite ignorant of existence of version control, and other software development tools I suspect.

One interesting notes is, it is very quite different from what I observe in Open Source. Not just tools, but policy.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Linux in Lowyat?

Okay, this is a bit misleading......
But it is a little adventure after going to lowyat with several barcampers after barcamp today.

It is interesting to see some sales person in Lowyat, promoting linux on minilaptops instead of windows xp. It is really refreshing. So I do saw linux in lowyat. But it is in minilaptops.

Which also interesting because acer have their model that look surprisingly like eeepc. And Ftec have their smart book, their with both the windows xp version and linux version, but the sales person forget the password. Honestly the smart book is ugly, look olpc'ish, but price like the eeepc.

It is sad though I only saw the eeepc 901 series running on windows not linux.

Barcamp Malaysia: Day 2. Final until the next barcamp

Final is interesting. I am chilling most of the time.
1) Open Source The way forward.
Ditesh Kumar have a good talk in Open Source in Malaysia, and many things i don't know is there. And good introduction to the open source community.

Make me want to join the community more. 

2) Mathematics in The web
It is a bit on the fails sites. Maybe there is not enough explaination, and very philosophical. Maybe not many familiar with advance math involve.

3) Lightning talk
Why my attempts in Stand Up Comedy can be describe in 2 words. EPIC FAIL!!1!!!!
Many have shared their knowledge and adventure. Some with p0rn stashing, some in RPMs, some in open source electronics designs. It is good.
 And the Parody of Web 2.0 By Eugene. IS VERY GOOD!!!!

I hope to join more of this, activity. To the Barcamp Team Nice Work

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Barcamp Malaysia: Day 1

Basically the event for day one works quite well. And Some events is pretty intense. Of Course there is many interesting people to look out for.

The Events(That I got in)
1) Introduction to Android Platform
Generally the speaker is able to give good information on android and experience. But unfortunately in wrong time. And really, while it is very nice feature, I think I will wait and see on android before looking for a mobile platform

2) The OpenMalaysia Blog story
Love the presentation, and also one of the most intense. It explains what happening in the odf standardization process in malaysia. And the future of the blog. Looks like tomorrow we have interesting open source session.

Got a lot of open source user there too.

3) Mobile Future.
It is very general, but the N95 is cool, lack the wow factor still, cool. Leave a lot of question unanswered. But it is ok.

4) The Blogging in Malaysia.
Not much happening, more on discussion.

The People
We have problogger, like Hong Kiat, and LiewCF.  Not to mention Josh Lim of Advertlets.

Many Web developer. Not surprisingly a lot of PHP developer. But the organizer Kamal is a Ruby Developer. Azraii, is a secondary school student, and he can do Django, with his project. I will say keep up the good work.

We have startup, web 2.0 style.
We have very good idea around, and very nice to talk about their idea.
Have to say, they are passionate. And some are very interesting product as well. Not to mention interesting problem.

The Bad
We really need wireless internet to properly qualify to be a tech event. But otherwise, it is pretty cool.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Finish the cobol training: The postmortem

During the training. I found out a few thing.
  1. My programming skills is getting rusty. Throughout course, I produce some worst code, with the worst design.
  2. And I cannot work under stress, which is bad. Because my working environment is like that
  3. I really cannot handle global variable. Especially when you only have that to use. 
  4. mainframe is hard to automate stuff. 
  5. in fact, jcl can be a pain.
  6. but able to see other ways system works is interesting.
  7. and cics is really interesting to see and work with, surprisingly familiar!!!
  8. and ibm book is important!!!!
  9. still I really prefer, more open, modern development platform, aka linux and other open source *nix, and their programming languages and tools
  10. now i need to rest

Sunday, July 20, 2008

the pidgin facebook plugin surprise me

Since facebook didn't release their chat api yet. Somebody have figure out ways to connect facebook chat with pidgin.

And suprisingly it have quite a number of features that work.
When there is friend request from facebook, i am able to add it via pidgin.

Interesting indeed

Saturday, July 19, 2008

My Reading List

So I got a few book, with many ebooks which I accumulate on my Links.
I got 3 books that I have that I didn't read, which I actually bought

Which is:
1) Programming Collective Intelligence, from O'reily.
Which is about machine learning. What nice is, it is very practical with enough theoretical background for newbies.
2) AI Application Programming.
A book which is on AI, which is again very practical. And very straight to the point.
3) The Difference Engine.
A scifi novel from William Gibson and Bruce Sterling, which started the steampunk movement.

Then I have a list of free ebooks that I accumulate

Friday, July 18, 2008

Was in my commandline fetishes

Turnout that my default chat client pidgin have crash again.
Since I have join some rooms in irc. I need other client.

I install weechat and irrsi.
Look interesting

Monday, July 14, 2008

Finally able to relax

After 2 weeks of, working frantically on course work. On cobol.
Finally I can relax a little. This is the final busy week. Which I hope is not busy, anymore.
Until I go back to the office anyway.

So I actually have time to do my own thing, in the weekend. Some book I have I never manage to finish the chapter I am reading. Now I probably can..............

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Bought a linux based wireless router wrt54gl

I finally bought my wireless router. A wrt54gl.
Which run linux. And installed tomato firmware on it. Only to found out It is easy.

More on that later

Friday, July 04, 2008

Trying to get a wireless router

I am surveying a wireless router on the market. Only to realize that, suprisingly these router is quite cheap. I can get one for RM149, in Mid Valley. And found a linux router from dlink(or was it linksys) for RM2++.

The thing is, I don't just want a wireless router to use. Yeah true that I want to get one. But just buy a router to use is not satisfactory. What I really want, is something hackable.......

So what I have on my list is.
  •  WRT54GL. The old WRT54G, don't support third party firmware anymore.
  •  There is a netgear have recently release wgr614l. Which openly support open firmware
Otherwise there is, a table of hardware from openwrt.

Which goes to another problem. I want my router to be moddable. But yet, I am lazy. One one hand there is Openwrt, which is a linux distro, with many package. Including python!!!!. On the other hand there is tomato. Which runs linux but, it is pretty much just a linux, with other package. But easy enough for most people to use.

Monday, June 30, 2008

9vx, run plan9 in a sandbox
Plan 9 is an interesting Operating System, created in Bell Lab. Essentially by people that created UNIX.
In my opinion Plan 9 is an interesting operating system. Because it is unix in extreme form. Where everything thing is a file. Meaning everything including the network interface. Like unix it means that, there is consistent way to access an OS resource. Don't expect it to function like one. And don't expect it to look nice. What really interesting of plan 9 is the internal and the design.
Previously you can either install Plan 9 natively on machine, or use qemu to run it. Which is not hard. But now somebody have ported Plan 9 to vx32, sandboxing library. Which is something like vmware. And is very interesting piece of software, but that is for another post.
Currently it runs on *nix, which include os x, linux and bsd. Go to the links.
Download it. To run it, in directory, you unzipped. in terminal type. ./9vx.Linux if you use linux. ./9vx.FreeBSD for bsd ./9vx.OSX for os x And Have fun then!!!!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Fall in love with abstract shooter

I found this games on synaptic. Which is interesting, because 1 it is a 2d shooter. 2 it is really different. And did I tell you it is free, as in free beer and speech.

It is a game by Saba. He is a game creator that create game, that is simple. And with very interesting graphics too. Not to mention very fast pace.

A few game that I will actually recommends is:
1) Gunroar which is a shooter, with you as gunboat. Sinking enemy fleet.
2) Tumiki fighter features a world build on toy building blocks.
3) Titanion, is a game ala gatagga. just more fast pace, and more nicer graphics

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Linux gems: pkill

I have been playing this game, tumiki fighter, and gunroar. Which is really an interesting game, but that's another story. What really sucks is sometime it is hard to close the program.

Previously I do this way.
In terminal I type:

ps -A

kill -9 proc_id.

On the other hand, there is pkill.
Which is useful, because instead of process id. We can kill process via program name.
And it is like kill too.

So to pkill a process. In terminal, it would be
pkill -9 program-name

or you can
pkill -9 partofname

Monday, June 23, 2008

Realize that cobol is boring

Sometime I can't help to think that cobol is boring.
It is almost always the same thing. Every time.

It require us to do things we don't do anymore. Text formating is a pain. Size of integer have to be initialized. It is long...............

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Thought of my web accounts

I noticed today that, I am really into, the web 2.0 thingy. I mean, I have 3 social networking account, 2 active, and I swear I have more. I have twitter. I have tumblr(which I forget my password). I have 2 blog. And a few instant messenging account.

Some is useful, I have friends which uses facebook, the rest use friendster. I have those who swore by live messenger. And some stick with Yahoo messenger. I got overhead, when I have twitter. Which I am the only user among friends. Or secondlife, which I am the only one. I don't have much friend who blogs. Though a lot go for forum.

The thing is, this is useful. But provided, one, you have other friends that use it. And probably that is the only way, to know, what is new among friends. But really, Second Life while cool, but, really to be useful, it is social in nature. Without friends join in. It pretty much meaningless.

Maybe this is a sign that, I really need a life?

Get Adobe Air working on Hardy 64 bit redux

Finally got adobe air working. And it is really not hard
It is from here the links below.

The big idea is, unzip your adobe air sdk somewhere. Then download some .air file.
then unzip the .air file somewhere. Then on console


So what twirl works,
doomi a to-do list, works with compiz on.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Got Adobe Air working on hardy 64 bit(will try make it better later)

Got adobe air linux alpha working on 64 bit. The trick is, get the sdk, it will have the program call adl to run an air application. But you will need unzip the .air file first.

Will post more detail later.

What happens.......................

Here's what I have been doing within last week:

- Was trying skype, after a very long time. Suprisingly works on my 64 bit hardy. But they give us the version 2.0, where as there is testing version of skype 4.0 for windows.
Which is a disgraced!!!!!

- Was trying to install adobe air. One it doesn't work on 64 bit. And it didn't even allow installation on 64 bit linux environment, even we have a 32 bit compatibility environment installed. And was trying on wine. Only to find out that twirl won't work.

- On the positive side, there is an interesting plugin for facebook chat.
So far it is working. Wonder how it works.......