Thursday, March 22, 2007

wireless usb ehh

2 days ago, the wireless usb standard is approved by ecma.

wireless usb aka wusb is a new standard where a wireless device is able to connect to computer way faster than bluetooth, which is about 480Mbps at 3 meter and 110Mbps at 10 meter.

in layman term, you know why we don't connect our digital camera to a computer with a bluetooth and uses a USB instead? because bluetooth is not fast enough. the wireless USB standard means that, we don't need to use a cable to transfer file between a computer to let say, a digital camera.

in a nutshell, in the future, our personal device, that uses usb, such as mp3 player,camera, phone,memory stick, etc. will probably use, wireless usb instead. while the standard is just being announced 2 days ago, wusb product is already available in the market. and wusb dongle can be used with usb 2.0.

the news is here:
on ars technica
on wikipedia(for explaination)
and linux already provide tools+driver for wireless usb already