Monday, October 22, 2007

me and gutsy gibbon redux

So i decide to test more of gutsy, so i decided to install Ubuntu Desktop. So now i have 2 desktop environment, kinda remind me of debian i use few years back.
It is just a matter of
sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop

As i suspected, the gnome desktop, is more polished on ubuntu than kde on kubuntu. For one, desktop effect are there, so is correctly rendering the chinese character on the desktop.

anyway, compiz-fusion on ubuntu, is quite ok, not lame, but not that cool either. some of the feature quite productive though. maybe more on that later.

Friday, October 19, 2007

me and Kubuntu Gutsy

Few thing i noticed on kubuntu gutsy, first thing is, dolphin, strigi, restricted driver manager.

1) dolphin:
Dolphin now replace konqueror as the default file manager. But konqueror is still there.
The best thing about dolphin is, there is a navigation menu to the left, which is a nice feature. on the right is the operation that we used to be called by right click on the icon. Nice touch actually.

2) strigi:
Unlike previous version of ubuntu, instead of beagle, strigi is not the file search daemon on ubuntu. And unlike beagle, didn't really slow down the system. Because strigi is written is c(or was it c++), which unlike beagle which written in c# which runs on a virtual machine, will take some overhead.
But later I have to add a search bar later on kicker manually, which would be nice added by default. On the other hand, there is kio slave for strigi, which is cool.

3) Restricted driver manager
Is another thing that previously on ubuntu but not kubuntu. now it is added. nice touch.
previously when i use ubuntu, restricted manager didn't detect my wireless card from broadcom, but it does the job by downloading the firmware.

4) Etc
soundcard works now without configuration.

5)the bad,
now some chinese character didn't render well, but i try to add some fonts from repository and see how.
And i want my desktop effect on kubuntu. would be a waste of resource because i do actually own an nvidia card.

overall this is a nice updates to (k)ubuntu. Now i really hope that kde 4 will be in 8.04, was it hardy heron?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

waiting for gutsy

gutsy is near, ubuntu 7.10 gutsy gibbon that is. and it is hear in less then 24 hours

actually not much i look forward to.

for ubuntu it is gnome 2.20, the use of tracker.
for kubuntu, not much except that it uses dolphin, the new file manager for kde 4 and strigi, which according to the site, the smallest and fastest file search daemon.

i probably get kubuntu. just have softspot for kde

but what i really look forward to is gutsy +1. which i don't know the name yet. because kde 4 is around in january, which hopefully merge that time.

p.s been testing adsense, hopefully it works.