Friday, September 26, 2008

pyNeighborhood: another way to access shared folder

Not too long ago, I got myself an NAS, and it turn out that the home PC, got a crazy USB port, it is a old machine. So I just get a NAS, backup my dad's stuff too. One thing is, the NAS is linux based, but that is another story

The thing is, that NAS of mine, uses samba by default, ok so, it is a windows dominated world. To access it from the linux partition on the old machine. I need a software, previously, I used smb4k. It is a nice one, but it is also very kde oriented, because it will prompt me to install dolphin file manager for example. But the it uses xubuntu on the old machine, so alternative is needed

Another software to use to mount pyNeighborhood, which is interesting because, it does not depends on filemanager, in fact, the default is to use, midnight commander.

One thing is, you need a few settings before it work properly,
1) you need a folder that you can write, basically, I just create a folder in my home directory
2) you need to configure, pyNeighborhood, to make it work.
So under the edit menu go preference.
First, put the folder you created in the mount folder. You can always put your home folder, but it is messy. One more thing, use full path, I never manage to use relative path here. 
Because my NAS need me to set password, so i untick Always use anonymous logins. 

To use pyNeighborhood, click on the group, then it will scan, then found the server, then click again. You will presented on the server, then click, you should see the folder. But if, your shared folder is password protected, so right click on your folder, then mount as user.

Actually, it is just clicking around. You can get it working. It is pretty easy, and unlike smb4k, it is pretty independent of the desktop.

my laptop almost fried

My wireless not working, i am still pissed hp.
On the other hand, I got a NAS to backup, which is another linux machine............

something like that.........

Thursday, September 25, 2008 is a community oriented Open Source Workshop, it is also not commercial in natures.

The plan is to have talks, knowledge sharing, and install fest. We already have volunteers.

The links is here:

The facebook page is:

It will happen, currently we are working to get all things ready.

I have to disable link posting

The thing is, while link posting keep the blog alive in a way, it also distracting. It will tend to covers the relevent content on the RSS.
And since I am a compulsive delicious user, it tend to make it worst.

So disable the links i have

Monday, September 22, 2008

pissed @ HP

Last week, I try to get my warranty on my laptop. At HP service center, in Damansara Heights.

What happen is, after talking to a higher ranking person in the center, I still can't get it because.

There is a little crack on the connector, and they blame it on me, that it is broken, and it should not, according to their "spec". Guess what, I do network at time, at I got a number of network cable, some defective, some not. Sometime, it stuck, on the connector. So some crack is normal. And more importantly, it is not the cause of the trouble, of my laptop.

The technician, already prove that it is a hardware issue, not due to the stupid connector.

If this is the issue, and not the connector, why they refuse to give warranty to the motherboard to the laptop. Where I am still elligible. Why? They try to make a buck.

I am pissed, with the attitude of the manager, and really really disappointed with such a policy. And I am considering NOT to get a HP or COMPAQ machine. And NOT recommending my friends or anyone I know, to get their product

What happen in last week.....................

I am in Singapore, helping a friend, visit my cousin. So not much weekend hacking......... So code this week.

My lappy almost fried, hp refuse to replace my laptop motherboard because of a crack that should not exist, but sometime, I have cable stuck inside, so I have no choice, p.s I still pissed. It gonna be hard to do some work now. Because my dev tools on the laptop, my desktop is not quite capable yet.

Which means, I will need to get a desktop, still researching, what I need is, not quite a work horse, but must be capable to compile codes, and running a small server and virtualization. A amd with 2 gig ram, 160gb hdd and above, geforce is nice. Basically anything that is around rm 2000-3000 would do.

On other note, the barcamp guys is alive. Or so it seems after I meet them during buka puasa dinner, I cannot believe I didn't take pictures. And guess what!!!! Barcamp is here soon, and the Johor barcamp will be around november, penang unknown. We going to have one again in KL, around december.

And lastly, is on soon. That is another post

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Glad I am in planet myoss

Glad I am planet myoss, This I have to thanks the site admin. Hope the information here is useful..

p.s no teaching post today, because, was working on something

Saturday, September 13, 2008

fun with linux: mount a iso image as a disk

I actually, downloaded the original red alert, to play it on wine. It turn out it is a iso image. aka .iso file. And I am lazy to burn it.

So what I do is,
sudo mount -r -t iso9660 [path-to-iso-file] -o loop /media/cdrom0

If you are on other linux, you probably need to ditch the sudo, and do it as root. Probably modify /media/cdrom0 part too

So example on red alert ISO I downloaded. and unzipped at home directory, the command would be:

sudo mount -r -t iso9660 redAlert/RedAlert1_AlliedDisc/RedAlert1_AlliedDisc/CD1_ALLIED_DISC.ISO -o loop /media/cdrom0
The command above is actually in one line.

Friday, September 12, 2008

fun with linux: a script to get system temperature

Nowadays my laptop tends to overheat. Until I get a cooler. I need to know when to slow down, so I need to get system temperature. On linux one way is to type the following in terminal, just replace the [thermal_zone], with what is under /proc/acpi/thermal_zone.
cat /proc/acpi/thermal_zone/[thermal_zone]/temperature
It turn out I got 2 thermal zone, so sometime i have to type the command twice, for 2 of my thermal zone TSZ0 and TSZ1. Which can tedious, so I just add the command above to a shell script. I mean, type cat and the file is tedious, so i shorten it by put it in a shell script

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Trying to balance work and passion

One reason I join the IT industry is, my passion in programming, my interest in programming. But really when I get a job, it is really not what I have in mind.

But the problem is, it is hard to balance between work and play. And it is hard to sharpen my skills. Because the nature of my job, it really don't have a lot of programming. That's not what I have in mind comes in. Another is, I don't expect myself to specialize in one software alone, I expect myself to develop software, not too specialize in one thing.

Worst, I got distracted by emails and rss feeds. Not to mention forums.

Really, if I don't practice, my skills will be so rusty, I cannot trust myself to write a decent program.

p.s Looks like need to have a weekend project it is.

Friday, September 05, 2008

FOSS-sm, aka Free and Open Source Software-Society Malaysia, is having, in Malaysia., is a community conference and workshop, on open source, software.
It wil be held in 8th of November.

It is in planning stage, so volunteer is needed.

Stay tune for more information!!1!

Finally installed Red Alert on Wine

I finally installed Red Alert on wine. The installation it self is easy, the hard part is. The keyboard tends to lose focus.

It turn out that, the issue revolve around scim. I have to disable it. Then it works like charm.

By then, it still have a few issues, like
1) It tend to have problem redraw the map, after a while, it is unplayable after 1 or 2 mission.
2) It also tend to heat up the laptop.

Looks like it is google time.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

In My Work Place

In my non-work life, everything is open sourced, so it is a bazaar world, where I can get stuff ala carte. Mean, I can just pick and match any software, as long it is compatible. Which is really, most would work!!

Now in my work life, proprietary software is used, mostly. Fine, most of the mainframe software is established, by prorietary company. But the desktop software, also is license, like most software house in Malaysia. It would take me a number of days to get a particular software, simply because, we need a license.

Maybe I really need to get use to the "real world"

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

What happens today...............

Basically, google release their browser chrome, true it is open source. True it uses open source engine, webkit, true they also provice source code
for their javascript engine.

But there is one big problem, chrome don't run on linux(yet), which is strange, because it is webkit based. And the v8, javascript engine, don't work on 64 bit linux yet. And gears, also don't have a 64 bit linux version.

Maybe they do it like picasa, which is run on top of wine. Or they make it work with the 32 bit execution environment, like how we install 32bit browser on linux.

disclaimer: I actually signup so that, when google release a version for linux, I will get notified.

Red Alert
EA release red alert as freeware, yes still close source. But maybe I can use the artwork for openredalert.

On the other hand, it would run well on wine.
Sadly, it is still not free(in freedom), consider the engine is old.

p.s Nowadays with demanding job, it begin to be hard for me to keep up with the latest.