Sunday, October 25, 2009 09 is AWESOME is held on 24-25 october 2009, it have gathered geeks, and freedom lovers around the KL, probably malaysia.

The talk within the 2 days is good, the bad thing is, how to choose within 3 tracks. We have pretty good speaker, like Pia Waugh, Brian Aker, RMS, Dr Yusseri Yusoff, among others. The talk is filled with either 1) useful knowledge, 2) free software, 3)  humor, 4) IDEAS or all above.

The committee is awesome for organizing such an event, but the audience on the other hand......
It is really sad to see that, some audience don't get free software or freedom for that matter, and some decided to go for open source without free software, WTF, how does that work without the other!!!
I still hope that some get enlighten by the 2 days, and hope that no one leave from foss too..

Either way, looking forward to next year. Some of Malaysian don't get it, fine with me. It is our job to keep it running, keep fighting for the freedom we deserve......

Friday, October 23, 2009

wonder about

Is excited on the talk, excited on the topic, and the people

Can't wait for

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy (Belated) Birthday Ubuntu

The story of Ubuntu started in 2005, I was just a Debian user, then my computer hard disk died.
So I just book a few cd while waiting for money to come in to buy my hard disk, I can't download an image anyway. I was using Knoppix around then. Before that, Debian, then Mandrake, then Debian for a year.

I booked 10 few cd, you'll be surprise how long it take for me to give it out. Lecturer is not interested(welcome to Malaysia), only few friends want it. Give a few to the computer club.

Within 4 years, it grows from a Debian derivative that automate a few installation task, and a few script. To a distro that make thing so easy. And after that, linux in general gone mature as a desktop. Hell I barely use command line, as the result.

So you can blame Ubuntu for making me lazy, making me a lazy software developer, hehe. But an powerful OS, with mature backend, and good frontend, is pretty appealing.

A short story of ubuntu, and a happy birthday...

Saturday, October 17, 2009

One more week to will be held next week, are we prepared!!!!

BTW, we now have 3 main tracks and 2 side sessions, and we have some great speaker.

Can't wait to be there

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Learned new command in VIM

What I learn to use VIM today

Split A File
to split vim windows, in command mode:
:split filename
to navigate between windows

Copy A Block of Text
to copy a block of text:
go to the first line to copy, then type,
BTW a in ma can be anything from b,c,d,e,....etc
then to the last line of the block to copy
Then go to the line to paste

To Replace Text
to replace text foo to bar in a line, go to the line type

to replace all foo to bar text, in a file

the g is to replace all occurrence, of foo

This is courtesy of

Monday, October 05, 2009 bof attack plan

Remember guys we got only 1 1/2 hours
Topic Suggestion

- A taste of Karmic

Stuff to prepare(suggestion)
- CD, 
- goodies as prize?(if don't have nevermind la)