Thursday, December 11, 2008

Adventure with fedora: day 1

So I installed fedora. Not quite a new user in fedora. Just not use it as much as Ubuntu. Below is my fedora desktop, modified.

First thing I notice is that. It didn't come with open office. Which is interesting. While I don't quite rely on it. I pretty much do all of my work in office. They tend to be crazy when it comes to data security. Well, abiwords is there.

In a way, fedora sounds like linux few years back. When codec have to installed, third party repository have to be added. Which I could understand why. It just that ubuntu mitigate it by having a way to install it more easily.  And it applies to flash as well.

Packagekit is nice package manager. But a bit more simplified. Probably I just get used to synaptic. One difference is in ubuntu/debian, there is meta package to install group software. But on fedora it is group install.

But like linux nowadays, everything works well, in term of hardware. Except ATI is still a pain in the back. Linux is not hard anymore, from a guy who use linux for few years.

There is more to share on my observation on fedora. So there will be more to come


  1. Is this the live CD version? If so, OO with translations doesn't fit.

    I've been using Fedora forever and always have OO by default...

  2. well yes, but i do a normal install on my portable hard disk. But could be because i use the live cd installer

    Could be that because they just copy the image to the disk.

  3. Try go-oo


    and if you run into problems: