Sunday, December 07, 2008

from barcampjb: The analysis ala the post mortem.

The good:

  • The volunteer is good, they are able to get the good venue and food and others thing needed such as t shirt and goodies and sponsor for barcamp.
  • We have a few good sessions, we have one of automated trading system, which is good, and informative, so is the talk on UAV, and the talk on microsoft on Azure. 
  • The crowd is good, fun loving, talking, there is intense networking around. 
  • When we thought that there is no such community in JB, we are wrong. We have seen a number of people in JB. Which is good. 
  • We manage to learn a lot.
  • At least I manage to link up with several of community member is in JB. 
  • Did I tell you, people from JB is nice. 
  • We manage to clean up the mess pretty well. It is pretty clean. 
  • Powerpoint Karaoke is the best session. 
The bad:
  • One thing is the venue where there is 2 wings voices interfering with each other. Kinda annoying. 
  • Certain session is from BarcampKL, and Startup Camp, which is ok, because not all in KL, but we need to take note that. We should have newer sessions for the next barcamp, at least for places that held it more than once. 
  • It seems we have problem with marketing talk. Probably we should take note of that too.
  • Powerpoint Karaoke is too short. 
  • A bit feels like nothing special. 

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