Monday, December 15, 2008

My Quest of (web service) Convergence

So my quest of web service. Goes a step further. Somebody among my circle using Which is interesting. Because it finally do something I really need. It have

  1. Post statuses to several of my social network, aka facebook, friendster(which I rarely use), etc(Blame on my friends) and not to mention and twitter
  2. Actually update my old blog
  3. Not to mention my links to delicious, and announce it to the world
  4. of course photo from flickr.
  5. and let me do it from a chat client too.
But there is a problem, Not all service is covered, because now i use picasa web too. But it is ok, it covers almost all that I use. Also it is a updates service, so it is pretty much limited to that. But I can save a lot of time, updating the services that I use.

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