Friday, December 12, 2008

Was watching The Day The Earth Stood Still

Today lets do something not tech related. 

My company actually a movie night for all the staff. Yes, probably I should stay for one more year too(OK, that is really because of the economy). Oh yeah, sponsored dinner and pop corn too.

By the way, it is "The Day The Earth Stood Still". The movie is OK, not bad, but not good either. A bit mediocre. Generally the story describe about human in general. From our ability to be aggressive to our ability to love and our ability to be humble(actually more like give in).

The thing is the story seems to be disconnected. While the big idea is shown on screen well. But connection between character is not good, other than Helen and Jacob. I mean the character is there, so?  The emphasize of a invasion part take more precedence over the human story.

But the reason behind the whole movies is not clear, or maybe they do. It have too much emphasize of the disaster but not much of the reason.

What really nice about the movies is the special effect. It is nice, not creative, but nice. Gort the robot, definitely have the geek appeal, at least for me anyway. So is the military equipment. The cause for the disaster in the movies, is also very cool.  I keep it for someone that watch it to see.

But sadly the story is not as good. While the effect is nice, the act is ok. The story is very wide, but lack the depth.But it is not a bad story.

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  1. Yo dude,

    That is the problem with proprietary stuff. Although AMD has released some code for ATI, on the whole ATI is pretty sucky under Linux. I am still an NVIDIA fanboy. At least NVIDIA provides "decent" drivers for Linux. Of course, "decent" here is very subjective and may lead to flame wars.

    Ubuntu and OpenSUSE rock in this aspect, as they both provide you with the choice of either running your Linux desktop in all its 3D glory (via drivers from their repos) or stay clean with freedom and endure a less than savoury desktop.

    Fedora doesn't come with all the "prprietary" repos or blobs installed due to its commitment to freedom. And freedom is a pretty old concept to begin with and yeah Fedora is pretty "old skool" in thay aspect. Besides, RH is the most visible Linux company in the world, sticking with proprietary free systems can avoid any legal issues; of course you do know in the US, lawyers are pretty much like vultures.

    Just my 0.2 Sen.