Sunday, December 07, 2008

from barcampjb: What happen.

Why I go to barcamp, in JB, which is a 4 hours drive from KL?

Most of it, is to meet up with the, MYCLUG group in JB. There some who is based in JB, and some in Penang it seems. Basically I need to have a vacation, while I need rest, I need recreation too. The guys(and gals) in barcamp in malaysia, is a fun loving bunch. So with where wolves why not.

The crowd in barcamp in jb is more that we thought. Like in KL, we have a group of techies down here.
Which really shock us. And the idea is barcamp is really the conversation with the participant, and volunteer. Of course sometime we tend to get into debate, yes I got into a mini debate with a representative from microsoft, since I am a linux user.

Of course there is very few events in malaysia, that we can learn like barcamp. And from Roni, it seems that we would have a few more interesting events. So stay tuned.

Of course one reason is, it is really fun to be in such a unique events in Malaysia.

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