Saturday, December 13, 2008

Was in PC Fair

Today is the time of the year again. Where many shops/company setup booth in KL Convention Center. Where some techie went for bargain. Others, something else. Yup it is PC Fair. And every year I go down. And every year, I bought nothing, and no pictures.

Basically PC Fair is always like the same old stuff. But occasionally we might have some interesting stuff there.
In today case, it is touch screen computer and netbooks. It seems most major laptop vendor in Malaysia produce some form of netbook. HP have one, dell have one, now even Fujitsu produce one.

Most of netbooks is around RM1500 range. But of course there is some touch screen version. That is around, RM2000-RM3000. Fujitsu Shows off their U2010(or was it a U1010), which is RM3600(I think). Either way, it comes with touch screen, which is interesting. And Gigabyte have their m704, which is also RM3000.

What i really like, it is small, and the best part is that, it is touch screen, but one thing is, I am wondering whether these guys works with linux. Seems that the Fujitsu machine is working(from forum anyway). The gigabyte machine not much, mostly because of their VX700 graphics unit. But it is also a tad expensive. So I probably stick with eeepc for now.

Other interesting offering is, software, and GPS. Kingsoft have their office suites, which I am wondering whether people actually bought it. And it seems that there is many people selling Kapersky. Which is interesting, and finally GPS got cheaper, and more mainstream.

Otherwise, it is the same old same old. I still think it is crazy to host PC fair at this time, people don't have their salary in yet.


  1. Anonymous5:52 AM god! i almost forget bout it! thanks for wrote this post. Better get early wake up tomorrow. KLCC here I go..hahaha...

  2. it is really nothing lar dude

  3. There was a cool notebook from ASUS that runs on something call Express Gate (Splashtop), essentially it boots fast into the system. From what I saw it was most probably a modified Linux desktop running Fluxbox, i.e. the right click on the desktop shows the menu ala Fluxbox.

    In addidtion to Kingsoft Office, there was something called Celframe Office which I suspect is nothing more than an 3.x rip-off.

  4. ain't splash top running linux?
    Not surprisingly, except where is that booth....

    I think the same of Cellframe too.

  5. Anonymous8:13 AM

    Asus's Express Gate technology is indeed a very compress and modified version of the linux kernel with necessary softwares like Skype for q quick online.

    I'm using Fujitsu LifeBook S7211 w/ KDE 4.2 Beta 1, every hardware works out of the box, in *ubuntu 8.10, suspend works now but certain hotkeys doesn't work